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The purpose of the Angel Academy is to help new angels discover the basics of becoming a successful investor.

get it done online & on weekends.

Flexible, engaging, interactive courses and lessons that fit around your career and life.

learn from venture capital & startup experts.

Courses and materials are developed by UNT faculty and are punctuated by leading industry-led workshops.

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Unparalleled connectivity, extending your reach to a global entrepreneur and investor network. 


Course 01.

The Start-Up Ecosystem.

This introductory course covers the basics of angel investors and the angel investing process. It also discusses where to find interesting investment opportunities and how to invest in sport entertainment businesses.


Course 02.


This course focuses on how to identify viable franchise opportunities and reveals the strategies investors use to understand franchise potential. It stresses the importance of research (i.e., market research, financial analyses, risk analyses, etc.) in the franchising process.


Course 03.

Performing Due Diligence. 

This course covers the strategy questions needed to vet early-stage startups using various strategic models and frameworks (i.e., VRIO and RBV models). We also outline the boilerplate financial concepts to build a successful angel portfolio.


Course 04.

The Management Strategy.

This course will help aspiring angels perform certain team- and human-capital analyses and assess where talent is needed. It will also outline a plan for managing a post-investment portfolio with the appropriate human capital.


Course 05.

Understanding Term Sheets.

This course helps illuminate the key financial (economic) & governance (control) terms that angels use. We outline the difference between priced equity vs. convertible notes in the startup landscape and outline how term sheets are created and presented.


Course 06.

Valuation & Venture Math.

This course will help angels establish fair company and business valuations. We overview company capitalization tables as well as the various bootstrapping tactics needed for multiple funding rounds in sport entertainment management.


Course 07.

Vetting Strategy & Negotiations.

This course reveals the key negotiation stages, persuasion tactics, and other forms of pre-deal planning. We discuss the roles of empathy, mirroring, and labeling in the investment process as well as the role of distributive bargaining when closing the deal.


Course 08.

Exit Planning.

This final course reveals the tactics and strategies for exit planning and returning investor capital. Angel-focused tax issues, when considering a investment withdrawal or sale, are also presented in this summative course.

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